Florida Universitària

Florida Universitària was founded in 1977 in Valencia (Spain).

Over 40 years in Education

It is a cooperative education group that deals with all levels of education, ranging from early childhood through primary and secondary education as well as higher education involving vocational training, undergraduate and postgraduate studies (it is affiliated to both the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Valencia), all the way through to senior learning.



Who we are

In other words, Florida Universitària covers all educational stages as we firmly believe in lifelong learning. Through Florida’s Entrepreneurial Education model, we train proactive professionals, with the technical and social skills for employment, who feel professionally fulfilled, who learn experientially and enjoy learning and training throughout their lives.

Pedagogical Model

It is a dynamic and innovative centre, which promotes the development of entrepreneurial attitudes among its students with the object of facilitating their integration into the professional world. Furthermore, it is focused on the creation of knowledge by bridging theory and practice and also, on cooperative enterprising.

Florida Universtària is committed to cooperation, commitment to students and learning by doing. At a time when everything is so changing, the way of teaching had to do it too. For this reason, at Florida Universitària, we have created our own educational model, based on the values ​​of our own cooperative essence, we call this model «CoopLearning».


Educational Model «CoopLearning»

Florida is a space that generates opportunities for personal and professional growth

Florida is a company linked to its environment, and as such it maintains relationships of collaboration, participation or support in organisations, both in the business and in the social and cooperative spheres. Furthermore, Florida has a special focus on creating and consolidating alliances with other entities with which values and interests are shared.

Principles and Values


Florida has always been involved in a wide range of activities involving cooperation at a local level, with local administrations, local development agencies, local SMEs associations and cooperatives; and similar organisations at a regional, national and international level, including a large number of EU funded projects, both as project promoters and participants, focusing on subjects such as entrepreneurship, innovation, tourism, ICT, or education among others.